Apocalypse Now Feels.

You know that expression it’s been a day? Well, actually it’s been a months. I’d normally consider myself a pretty positive, glass half full type of person. But right now, glass is somewhat empty. It has been for a few months. In November, we lost a family member far too soon, and the pain and grief […]

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Happy Christmas!

Hello and Happy Holidays to all of my subscribers!  I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza to all who celebrate. And also, I have a very exciting new website to share with you! Expertly designed by the creative team @ The Real Army, I am loving the fresh new

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Ahem…. drumroll please…..

I’m Back! In the erm….. time…. since my last subscriber update – I’ve had a baby and completed maternity leave. Here’s Beetson, just after he was born during the pandemic and now at age 2 years and 3/4, sipping a babycino and posing in his rad sunnies like a boss. I actually only took 6 months

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High Density Rainbow Nutrition

Sounds like a breakfast cereal from the 80’s, doesn’t it?! “High Density Nutrition” was one of my favourite comments on my work from my Sydney exhibition recently (I added the rainbow part for effect) – but we’ll come to all of that soon….. Firstly Hi!!!!!! Hope you are well?! Have you missed me?! I have

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