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I’m Back!

In the erm….. time…. since my last subscriber update – I’ve had a baby and completed maternity leave. Here’s Beetson, just after he was born during the pandemic and now at age 2 years and 3/4, sipping a babycino and posing in his rad sunnies like a boss. I actually only took 6 months maternity leave, but it has taken time to get fully back into my usual rainbow stride (and organise enough daycare for Chad and I to both work around). 

In Bloom Prints Are Coming!

For those of you following on socials, you’ll likely know that I spent my pregnancy and leave creating giant paintings of Australian Flowers. I did the majority of the painting phase one petal/leaf at a time, with a newborn strapped to me, taking many, many, many breaks to feed and sleep. It was a slow but beautiful burn, and my gallerist Terri (with me and the works at her gallery, 19 Karen, above) – sold all 3 artworks before we had a chance to put them in a show!

I’m finally getting round to doing a bespoke print run of these, pre-order links are coming soon with my new website!

  • The Prints will be A3 on lux cotton rag, signed
  • There will be 3 designs to chose from
  • Each print will be unique as I will be painting one tiny detail (a leaf or petal, to reflect how the originals were made.)
  • I’m hoping to have them out to you for Christmas gifting! So they will be available VERY SOON!

You guys will be the first to know as soon as they are released, so watch this space! Here’s a little video sharing more about them:

And in case you prefer original art, 19 Karen now have the follow-up series of 6 mini versions of these big artworks, entitled ‘The Interloper” (each features a little British interloping flower like myself, among the Aussie natives), and you can see/buy those here.

Aside from flowers, I was lucky enough to receive the commission of a lifetime via Korean company Arkpia, in which I have created my very first range of NFTs! It has been a mahoosive undertaking involving 18 months work; some of the most creative of which I’ve ever been tasked with in a commercial context. I loved every second of the process, and the upcoming release of the digital NFT artworks is coming soon.

I’ll keep you posted on the NFT release as soon as it hits Opensea!

And stay tuned for the pre-order links for In Bloom Prints!

TTFN, Love and Rainbows,
Sarah xxxxx

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