I have some finished Coney Island art to show you guys (just in case you haven’t been following me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!) I have been busying away in the studio, hanging out with the chickens and my wallaby friend Mr Hoppity:

Chad and I actually made a video especially for you guys so you can see some of the painted polaroids series which I have been working on. There are 50+ so far and I’m aiming for 200 or more eventually.

I promise to keep you guys in the loop with more art when I have a new batch to show you. I’ll be taking the polaroid series to Supergraph 2015 in Melbourne, where my stall will be entirely Coney Island Themed. I’ll be selling the polaroids for $60/£32 (large Impossible Project size) and $35/£19 (small Fuji Instax size). I will be donating $3 from the sale of every large polaroid / $2 small to The Coney Island History Project, in thanks for their tireless help with my Coney Island residency.

Huge thanks to all of you once again guys. All this was possible only because of your support, and I will always be grateful.

Love, instant film, sticky dots and paint!

Sarah xxx

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