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MAC Cosmetics Art of The Lip

Firstly, I do apologise profusely for the mass tardiness of this update…. but…. I hope when you hear of all the artistic madness I’ve been up to you’ll forgive me?!

Well, I am currently speaking to you from sunny Greenpoint, Brooklyn where I am based for early summer – picking up where I left off in Coney Island last year. This time I’ve been going loco drawing EVERYWHERE – on The Boardwalk, in moving subway trains, on the rooftop of this awesome artist loft, in bed, among vintage Star Wars sheets! Here’s some of the resultage thus far:

My friends at The Coney Island History Project asked me for a little help with their signage on Sat. I was delighted to oblige!

I’ve been polaroiding like a fiend again, here’s some of the highlights so far:

I’ve also found time to tick of a massive hit on my bucket list – Space Camp! I’ve been dreaming of it ever since I was 5 when I saw the movie (in which a bunch of kids accidentally get launched into space onboard the shuttle Atlantis), decided I was Tish and first developed a crush on Leaf – now Joaquin – Phoenix. Here’s the poster to refresh your memories:

The real thing was beyond my wildest dreams – I journeyed down to The U.S Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama where I completed 4 missions as part of Team Columbia – as pilot on the shuttle Enterprise, in mission control as EVA and Flight Director, and as a mission specialist onboard the futuristic spaceship Orion – which involved a lunar EVA to fix a heap of circuit boards in full spacesuit and culminated in the first ever (we think) lunar disco danceoff with flashing rainbow lights. We zipped down 4 storey ziplines, launched rockets, tested our skills in jetpacks, moonwalking and flat spin simulators, and made a whole bunch of fellow space cadet friends. Here’s a best of in pictures:

Phew! In big illustration news, launching this month in China and Latin America via brand new MAC Cosmetics stores: The Art of The Lip campaign, featuring animated versions of my art! Check it out! Some of the images I created for MAC:

Images from the campaign:

And finally, for your viewing pleasure – the fully animated video! Whoop!!!!

And so, that leaves me to move onwards and upwards towards Mermaid Parade, with a possible jaunt down to New Orleans in the pipeline, and to let you know in other EXCLUSIVE news that I have been selected for my very first EVER exhibition in Sydney, Australia! I will be showing at The Other Art Show this September – so come on down Sydneysiders!

I promise I won’t leave it so long between updates next time good people. Love and funnel cakes from Brooklyn!

Sarah xxx

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