So my dear friends, I am finally going to tell you about the famous Coney Island Mermaid Parade…!

June 21st, Chad and I woke up early and got a costumes together. Here we are in the artist loft ready to go to Coney:

We got to be on the judging stand, an amazing experience which not only got us prime sun-shaded seats in the stands right by the parade in prime photo taking location, with the 100-odd other judges, but also gave us access to the press area where everyone puts on their costumes, and VIP tickets to the Mermaid Ball afterwards, but it also meant we received plenty of bribes from entrants. Among the bribes we received were beer, a case of fresh watermelon and mango infused rum, peanut butter homebaked cookies, cupcakes, cake, candy, lollipops, kids pocket money (?!), plastic and chocolate coins, beads and jewels, condoms, buttons, stickers, a real shell necklace with sand and a pearl glued inside, and lobstera – here she is on the stand with us:

Chad and I went through 4 memory cards and about 20 rolls of instant film via 5 cameras recording the event. Here is our Mermaid Parade in pictures. Enjoy!

I have just 2 weeks left in Coney Island now. What an incredible summer it has been! xxx

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