I’m Back!!!

Sorry for the long hiatus since my last update – due to me being thoroughly immersed in Coney Island! The pic above illustrates what I have been doing mostly – taking Fuji Instax and Polaroid shots of EVERYTHING Coney.

I wanted to introduce you to some of my friends. First, Here I am with the aforementioned Stanley Fox, and his birthday portrait:

Followed by the brilliant Jason, who operates The Spookarama, which first opened in 1955 as a 10 minute dark ride (it’s now just 45 seconds).

Jason also introduced me to Chico, who is responsible for much of the incredible artwork around Deno’s park. We spoke only in Spanish as Chico’s from Ecuador – take a look at his amazing art:

More wonderful artists, Africasso and Marie Roberts, of Coney Island USA:

Africasso’s amazing artwork is currently on exhibition at the Coney Island Museum, alongside the Great Fredini (more in a sec!) By Africasso:

Marie Roberts is the artist-in-residence at CI USA:

Here we are in her onsite studio…

where she creates beautiful artworks for Sideshows By The Seashore, which adorn the exterior of the building:

Back to The Great Fredini, AKA Fred Kahl.

Fred runs scanarama – an onsite 3D printing studio in which the public are 3D scanned and get a 3D printout figurine of themselves! Here are Chad and I!

He used crowdfunding to help create his current project, exhibiting now at the CI Museum, in which he is recreating the original Luna Park of the 1900s, and it is breathtaking….

I am continually delighted by the kindness and generosity of the good folk of Coney, and their tireless support of my project in answering my questions, showing me hidden secrets, and being thoroughly hospitable all-round. Jamie has been looking after Chad and I at the Freak Bar:

And Junior who runs the shooting gallery outside was kind enough to tell me about his experience of Hurricane Sandy in Coney, truly humbling indeed:

Chad trying his hand at the vintage shoot out:

Here we are with our friend Mike who runs Ruby’s Bar:

Mike graciously put up with my outburts during the FIFA World Cup, mainly due to England’s shocking run! The spirit of Ruby couldn’t help us!

And finally of course, my dear friend Paul, ever present at Paul’s Daughter:

Chad and I have been welcomed in by the family: Paul’s Daughter Tina and husband Albert, as well as awesome signwriter Stephen Gaffney, Alex, Billy and the long-serving staff who make us feel at home and have even treated us to freshly shucked clams:

Here’s to new friends! xxx

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