Hi again from Brooklyn!

I have been busy since my last update 🙂

First of all, I was (briefly) on The New York Daily News, at the official opening of the all new Thunderbolt rollercoaster last weekend! Check me out, around 1min in:

Here’s some more photos from Thunderbolt opening day:

Its been so great watching all the safety tests and finally getting to see the ride open and the lineups go down the block!

The last shot is of course The Cyclone, built in 1927, which Chad already dragged me on (eyes closed throughout, screaming and fearful for my life!)

Last Saturday was also Pet Day at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park – where contestants and their costumed pooches, iguanas and guinea pigs competed for prizes on the boardwalk. It was like a beauty pageant for dogs, and I cannot wait to draw from these photos!

This was Cookie Dough the guinea pig and her lovely owner:

There was a great effort on the costumes:

And I made some new 4 legged friends:

Here are some of the winners:

And amazing 1st place chihuahua with red toe nails!

and the doggies got to ride the wonder wheel for free. This guys looks excited!)

I’ve been live drawing too:

I’ve been having fun recording Coney Island signage:

And taking stacks of instant photos:

Here I am having my first ever potato knish (greasy but yum!):

I met sideshow performer extraordinaire Princess Pat:

And illustrated her in my Coney Island Girls painting (with her albino python!):

I have been helped so much by my new friend Stanley Fox, who once ran the Playland Arcades, and now educates on the history of Coney at The Coney Island History Project.

He loaned me a fascinating book comparing Coney to Blackpool, UK (where I have childhood memories of the funfair and illuminations), and has been a wealth of knowledge and advice about the area. This Saturday is not only Mermaid Parade, but also Stanley’s 70th birthday, so I created this surprise portrait for him as a gift (hope he likes it!)

Chad and I are preparing our Mermaid Parade outfits as we speak, and getting ready for our judging stand showdown! Photos and all about the parade coming soon!

In the meantime, do check out my Instagram for the latest updates:

Bye for now and love from Coney!!!! xxxxx

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