Hello from Brooklyn!!!

I AM HERE!!!!! I am living the dream!

You people made this happen and y’all ROCK!!! Those of you who selected a CI postcard as your perk – they’ll be with you soon (see above!)

So, here’s how the 1st 12 days went….

The day after I arrived, I took the subway to Coney.

I began taking polaroids and Fuji Instants.

I’m having some teething problems with Impossible film, but here’s some of the nice results:

I setup a studio space in my cozy loft in Greenpoint:

And began spraypainting my 2 sketchbooks:

Yep, that’s my rootop, I live in this building! How AWESOME is my view?!

I have one sketchbook for finished works I create in the loft studio, and a smaller one for onsite sketching at Coney:

Here’s some of my drawings so far!

I arrived in time for Memorial Day weekend – official start of summer season. It was 31 degrees of hazy sunshine which made for the busiest beach scenes in 20 years, so I’m told.

I met US naval officers and Miss Coney Island:

My friend Lane from Melbourne, also born 31st March, 1981, came down to hang out and ride the Wonder Wheel.

I met Dick Zigun of Coney Island USA and the wonderful Charles Denson, author of Coney Island: Lost and Found, at The Coney Island History Project:

The good folk of Coney Island have been so friendly and welcoming. Chad arrived last week and can’t wait to ride the new Thunderbolt to open, (it’s being safety tested!)

Chad is promising to get me to face my old nemesis, The Cyclone again soon (eeek!)

My folks were here for the week – they loved Coney, particularly Ruby’s bar on the boardwalk where I sketched them:

They witnessed a stormy sunset over Manhattan from my rooftop:

The NYC May heat and storms are creating some beautiful photos. Here’s my very first look at the new lights on the parachute jump:

It feels like Coney Island is having a renaissance, and whilst I’m sad to see a few of my favourite sights have gone post Hurricane Sandy, my favourite spot Paul’s Daughter is updated and thriving.

In closing, here is my 1st finished painting, size 60cm x 45cm approx. It encorporates Coney Island inspired signage with a relic from my childhood which I believe began my visual obsession with amusements: The Noah’s Ark Speedway from Pickmere Lake, Cheshire.

Once again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making my dream come true!

I’ll keep you posted on all that transpires over the next few months – and do check out my Instagram for daily updates direct from The Big Coney:

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