Hello 2016! (Part 2)

Summer Sunglasses

Phew, Part 2!

Hi guys, I’m sorry, I’m tardy! In all earnestness I truly wanted to get this out as we pulled down the Brisbane exhibition but then several deadlines bit me and I had to feed them art….

Panoramic view of the exhibition opening night

Soooooooooooo….. I finished my first EVER Brisbane show! It was curated from recent commercial and personal works and entitled: “Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame” (from the Jem and The Holograms cartoon theme – my recent Jem piece was sold as a print). Here’s some pics of the exhibition posters and special edition prints for the show:

It was awesomeness, I met lots of new artsy folks, and people unbeknownst to both the gallery and I had found out about us via the intarwebs and came to check it out! This Must Be The Place is an ace new space run by brother and sister duo Elliott and Sherryn Bledsoe, a writer and a jewellery designer respectively, who host art shows, sell boutique products and accessories, and share a laneway in the heart of Fortitude Valley with a treehouse bar, a brownie shop (nomnom) and some delicious coffee shops and Asian eateries.

Opening night was tons of fun and people bought stuff too! Thanks to Kim Wheeler and Abbie Cardwell for photographing!

Some of the works from “Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame”

Things started to go a bit crazy during the show – I did this yummy interview with Brisbane’s Fashion Weekly Magazine, and met with various ad agencies in the city. And there have been a run of commissions either side of the show, beginning with a delicious job for Kyle Books in the UK. They published a new gardening book called Plants, Beds & Borders by Katie Rushworth (you can grab a copy here!)

My published illustrations inside the book

It was quite a challenge, drawing over 100 individual species of plants in tiny detail, but lots of fun and rather informative! Here’s some of my progress and line drawings:

The drawings formed garden plans and individual illustrations such as these:

Such a lovely job to work on! And after it there followed an amazing job, that came on the back of the saddest of news. As the internet and the creative world mourned the loss of the inimitable David Bowie, I was chosen along with fellow artists HAHA (AKA Regan Tamanui), Felix Marques, David Mack and Cassandra Long to contribute art for a tribute to our Starman by Amanda Palmer. The record featured 5 songs rearranged by Jherek Bischoff entirely on stringed instruments, and is a hauntingly beautiful collection which also features Anna Calvi, John Cameron Mitchell and Neil Gaiman. You can read all about Strung Out In Heaven and download your copy here.

Strung Out In Heaven – A Bowie Tribute by Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff

I created art for the cover as well as for the song Space Oddity
For the cover, I had the idea of reinterpreting the classic Aladdin Sane cover by replacing the lightning bolt with a cello and a violin.

We collaborated on several versions, eventually deciding on the sombre black and white line option as the album cover.

For Space Oddity, I kept thinking of how many of my friends had responded to the news via social media, that perhaps Bowie had finally headed off to the stars, so that is how I portrayed him, in astronaut Tim Peake’s spacesuit (he recently became the first Brit to walk in space), ascending to Mars on the Russian Soyuz, looking wistfully back at Earth and bidding us all farewell.

Art for the song “Space Oddity”

You can buy the record for as little as $1 USD, proceeds go to Bowie’s estate / cancer charities, here. And in case you missed the amazing Radio City Music Hall tribute gig webcast, which featured Blondie, The Pixies and oh so many more – you can watch Amanda and Anna Calvi sing Blackstar right here. Apparently the Thin White Duke’s Presence was felt in the back rows of the theatre.

Courtney Love

On the subject of rock and roll, I can now share with you my latest series. “Guitar Heroines” celebrates the all too often overlooked female veterans of rock, many of whom are suspiciously absent from the Guitar Hero video game. Ladies and gentlefolk, I present to you: Patti Smith, Joan Jett, Suzy Quattro, Chrissie Hynde, Kim Gordon and Courtney Love!

Guitar Heroines, and feminist icons

Next up: Kim Deal and PJ Harvey! Keep checking my instagram for them, and coming soon (shhhh! It’s a secret and only you guys know!) a tshirt series! Everything will be printed in neon pink and black line (and possibly metallic silver!) on a range of men’s and women’s cotton tees – from baseball sleeve with song lyrics on the back, to ringers, girls baby rib to guys classic white – indeed, I’m hoping every single one will be unique! It is going to be a tiny boutique run, so if you’d like to pre-order one, please reply to this email with:
a. your heroine of choice
b. your tshirt size
c. your preferred style (i.e 3/4 sleeve baseball, girls fit)
d. preferred shirt colour
And I’ll get back to ya to lock it in!

I have been working on a whole range of Sarah Beetson digital print products lately, and I’m super excited to be able to offer them completely custom made to order – you can pick pretty much ANY image from my portfolio and I will put it on an ipad or phone case:

Or you can have it on a pair of espadrilles! They come in womens and mens sizes 37-46 EURO, 4-13 UK, 6-15 USA/AUS. Order your custom pair here and tell me EXACTLY how you want em!

Flamingo and Passion Flower Print Espadrilles!

Coney Island Carousel Print Espadrilles!

There’s a whole host of other stuffs I’m working on, which for now, still must remain **TOP SECRET**….. but, here’s a very exclusive for your eyes only sneakpeak of more of the products that will are coming soon to the shop:

New collection of digital print custom clothing coming soon!

 Colour bomb!!!! Ta ta and thank you for reading! Love and rainbows xx

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