Beetson Spring Summer 2016


Purple Love and Lilac Tidings to all.

I am still in semi-disbelief at the passing of Prince Rogers Nelson. His Royal Purple Highness inspired me so much over the years to be unafraid to be my own self, however eccentric, and to create my art, my way. I saw Prince headline Hop Farm Festival in 2011 – check out me and my purple mates in these photos courtesy of the wonderful Ruby Blues:

I remember thinking during that incredible set of hits, as we unfurled a 25 metre bolt of purple fabric accross the crowd during “Let’s Go Crazy” (which made the news on!), and as HRH danced and cavorted in sparkling gold and glass platforms, declaring “This is REAL Music, played by REAL musicians!” and as Sly and The Family Stone provided funky slide bass – that Prince was one of the last of a generation of true stage performers. Amanda Palmer described wonderfully the 2nd loss of the 80s Holy Trinity comprising of Michael Jackson, Prince – and the only one we can cling to – Madonna:
“madonna, you’re the only one left…a lone bedazzled icon statue in a crumbling holy trinity, surrounded by the glittering and flickering ghosts of your two brothers.”

So it seems rather fitting that when I was interviewed recently by Heidi Easley for her Art Heals series, that I spoke about the role my art has played at various times in my life, as a therapeutic way in which to express grief. I won’t give any spoilers as some of the things in this video will remain **TOP SECRET** until May 29th when the episode airs. You can go listen to it for free if you sign up in advance via:

I’m not quite finished on the subject of Prince, and will reveal more in due time….. curious?! More to follow soon….

On a lighter note, I have some lovely new things to show you guys! I have had my busiest quarter since pre-financial crisis, it has been commissiontastic crazy, and there’s a lot of stuff I can’t tell you about yet…. but in the meantime here’s what else is new.

The Dresden Dolls Coney Island Amphitheater Poster

Firstly, I was was asked to create this vintage carnival-inspired poster for one of my favourite bands The Dresden Dolls. I first met Brian and Amanda at Glastonbury 2005, and have been collaborating on art with them ever since. The Dolls haven’t played for toooooo long, and when I found out they were one of the bands in a series of concerts opening the Coney Island Amphitheater this August – I not only jumped at the chance to illustrate for them again – but I used my soon-to-expire airmiles to book a flight to New York to see the gig! I am so excited to see this concert and to go back to Brooklyn and visit all my lovely Coney friends, eat some candy apples and lobster rolls and ride the Cyclone!

Bernie Sanders

With this in mind, I’ve been following my American friends as they voted in the primaries and gear up toward the next presidential election. I don’t generally let politics infiltrate my art – but there is something about the Bernie Sanders vision that to me represents The Real American Dream – and I think he is the candidate to revive this dream in a way that is fair to the 99% and not the 1%.

Espadrilles have been landing all over the place!

I have been launching a range of digital print clothing in partnership with brilliant London printer/makers Bags Of Love. The totally amazing thing about these products is that they are custom made to order – so you can be assured you get exactly what you want and that your design is pretty much totally unique. You can pick almost **ANY** image from my portfolio, or even a few! I mentioned the espadrilles in my last update, but I’ve now added vests, womens tshirts, a version of my signature wardrobe staple dress, plus BOMBER JACKETS (oh my actual God, they are AMAZING!) and right on time for Summer in The Northern Hemipshere – 2 different styles of SWIMSUITS!!!!!

Vest tops come in cotton jersey or sporty G-Mesh.

The womens tees are so flattering.

I basically live in variations of this dress!

Bomber jackets – perfect for Aussie winter or British summer!

Oh, the swimsuits!

To top all of this off, I am going to give you guys the very first **EXCLUSIVE CHANCE** to get hold of one of my Guitar Heroines Tshirts!!!! (For those of you in the dark, my Guitar Heroines series was born as a response to the huge lack of Women of Rock represented on the Guitar Hero video game.) These shirts, in contract to the digital print variety – will be unisex styles and at this point are almost completely customizeable by you! Basically – I will be screen printing a limited edition of 10 tshirts per Guitar Heroine, on a range of tshirts, baseball long sleeves, girls baby rib, ringers etc – all in tones of black, white, grey and pink. So if you saw my PJ Harvey, Courtney Love or Patti Smith and thought “Oh yes I fancy that” – you can place a pre-order where you get to pick your heroine, style, colour and size – and I’ll order it for you! This way your shirt will be absolutely unique to you. Oh, and should you be a colouring in addict – there’s a version that comes with fabric pens so you can colour in your own shirt – whoopee!!!!!!!

Courtney Love, Front and Back print!

Some of the Courtney Love tshirt options!

Suzy Quatro – colouring in version!

More Suzy Q options!

I NEED this one! Anyone wanna colour it in for me?!

Kim Deal of Pixies and The Breeders!

PJ Harvey, Kim Gordon, Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde!

To be the first to get your mitts on one of these tshirts, which start at just £25, go to this SECRET preorder link:
Remember – there’s only 10 of each heroine – so preorder to avoid missing out on your idol of choice!
And oh oh! A special offer for you guys – order 2 or more shirts and get 15% off – simply use the code: 15HEROINES at checkout!

PJ Harvey

Patti Smith

Okay, I have to get back to the studio now – there is soooooo much art to make and I love being this productive! I’ll tell you all about it soon, Yo te Prometo!

Love and neon Pink Guitars, and Purple Rain xxxxxxxxx

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